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The Rising Queen (The Elemental Chronicles) Book 3

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Now that Celine has all her elements, it is time for her to rise. Her throne is within her grasp, and she will take it.

Another Element has joined them. Jacob is undecided where, exactly, he fits.

Jacob doesn’t see Celine as the others do, but the more time he spends with her, who she is becomes clear. The feelings that spark between them are real as they see the truth in one another. A truth that leads them into love.

The sacrifice is calling to Celine. With each element she bonds with, it calls out for another. Lindon is in the shadows, waiting for his bond. Something has been between them, holding them back. But every time they touch, they feel the pull and it is consuming. Pain and the need for comfort draw them together, but they can’t stop with just one touch.

Because the sacrifice was now calling for fulfillment. It wanted all its Elements joined. And a child is on the horizon.

Get ready for a daring adventure romance with paranormal magic and creatures based on the mythology of the four elements, Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water.

This paranormal romance is a slow burn Reverse Harem but has a very erotic scene.
Book One: The Water Princess
Book Two: The Stolen Princess
Book Three: The Rising Queen
Book Four: The Elemental Queen
Standalone Five: The Fifth Element

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