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Introduction to the Series


A Starlight has many stages of life, but through the cycle of the supernova, they can be reborn. The nova explosion sends elements of gold, silver, and Starlight shooting out into space. Only a few are strong enough to survive, and those that do, fall to the planets for a new life to begin.

She is lost in a new world, with only her unique gifts to keep her safe, but even they are not always enough for the growing number of Umbras. The dark ones watch the skies for the next to fall, seeking them out, hoping to capture and take a star’s light.

Time is an enemy, for a Starlight only has twelve full moons to find love. Her magic feeds from its affections, and to bond with others is the chance to live on in radiance. Without love, a Starlight cannot survive, and her luminosity will burn out, turning her into the very darkness that seeks her life.

In what world will a Starlight find herself? Where does she turn for a chance at love? Is it in the arms of humans, witches, vampires, werewolves, or some other mystical creature?

Each Starlight has a story to be told and a new world to discover.


Danica: Darkness of Winter


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