• 10/08/2020

    Thanks you for joining me this week. As some of you know, I sent out confirmation messages last week to subscribers affirming subscriptions to this newsletter. Your overall responses were amazing and I promise not to disappoint in my newsletters.

    Currently, I am hard at work on my next release. I set the Preorder up for .99 cents and would love if you could share with your friends.

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    As for you, my fans, you can have a free copy with my ARC read and review. What do you say? Will you sign up? I will be handing them out Halloween week. Here is the form if you would like. https://forms.gle/o5uXtW7x2HbXLTfM6


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    Arrow's Wind is a little different than my other books publish. It deals with the heartbreak of trama and how it can cripple your life for years to come.

    Jenna is a rape victim at a very young age and she has grown up in a city where she has always craved a more solitude life. When the king passes a new law for women coming of age to marry, Jenna feels her past closing in on her. She can't move past her fears of being touched by a man and takes a daring step forward to leave her family behind and strike out for a life she has longed for.

    Arrow has been a friend of Jenna's family for years and has secretly kept feelings for her. He doesn't want to push her into excepting him but he can't let her leave, knowing the dangers out there for a woman alone. He follows her and hopes that in time, she can move past her fears.
    But, they are heading for Mountainside, his home realm and his past awaits him there. He has done some things that he is not proud of and fears what Jenna will think when she finds out.

    Bran is an important character in this story but I haven't given much details on him in the blurb. He is an element of surprise for the read but I wanted to tell you a little about him now.
    Bran is a rare elements with not only the powers of a Wind Element but that of Fire. His gifts make him a healer of the mind and spirit as he can weave himself into people thoughts and dreams. But, Bran grew up mute and only found a voice when he came into his powers. A whisper he speaks that calls to those in pain. He will be a big part of Jenna's healing process. Not just for Jenna, but for Arrow too.
    Depths of Deception Release Hop 10/7-10/9
    We’re giving away 3 prizes to 3 lucky winners. All you need to do is join each of the participating author’s groups. Once you join their groups, find their codeword and add it to the form below. Make sure you fill the form out correctly and completely!

    Once you’ve collected all the codewords just submit them in the form below and you are entered in to win!


    Remember, in order to win you must be a member of all the participating groups! The hop closes on October 9th at 11:59 PM EST! Good Luck!!!
    Start this off in my FB Group!
    Gina's Elemental Romance.
    These are two fabulous print books and both are so beautiful on my book shelf.

    The Wood Witch's Daughter by Kate Segar is the first I have read from her. An engaging tale you will love.

    Never Lost by TL Mayhew is part of one of her collections of dirty heros. It has a beautiful layout in the formatting that is to die for.
    Holly Cook has all her series on sale for just 99 cents. If you academy books or even prison paranormal, check her out this week. A bargain this good, you can't pass up.



    .99 cents

    The aloof methods of Dr. Roman Bellevue are less than conventional, but there's a dark secret beneath his medical miracles.

    Isabella DeVaughn, fresh out of nursing school, struggles to save her dying patients while vying for the attentions of a doctor who is too hot to handle. Will Isabella fall for the charm of this hard-body physician with a kind smile and infamous reputation?

    Can anything stop the double-edged virus as it courses through the small hospital in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana?

    Can their love survive this outbreak?




    Being born a hunter, Esmore has been raised with one purpose: to hunt and kill the vampire race that destroyed the world as it was known. At eighteen, Esmore’s a Token Huntress in her Guild, surpassing her mentor’s expectations of her, despite having no magical ability, like all hunters before her. 

    During a raid in the once iconic San Fransisco, Esmore’s team is ambushed, and a mysterious vampire that she is drawn to captures and takes her to the Vampire Council as a prisoner. Her captor—Chase, a lethal, immortal, sexy, and charming vampire who will stop at nothing to claim her as his familiar. 

    While in captivity, Esmore learns information that makes her question everything she’s been taught. Read More...




    Ashes to Ashes. Dust to Dust. If vampires kill your entire family, vengeance is a must.

    I can’t say my parents never warned me about vampires. I just never believed them. Not—that is—until six months ago when vampires broke into my home and killed my family. Thanks to all the skills my parents taught me, I managed to escape but I couldn’t save them.

    Two vampires down and the rest of the world to go.










  • 10/01/2020

    Enter to win some of these giveaway items!

    Yesterday in my Facebook group we had a huge party and I am giving away some of these items above. There is a few still open to enter. Follow this link to my group, join if you haven't, and start entering. It is pinned to the top so easy to find. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ginaselementalromance/
    The party was amazing and if you have time, stroll through and check out some of the great posts. This party was to celebrate my one-year anniversary as a writer. I will be giving away some ebooks this weekend to cape it off. It will be The Wind Mage as I am working on Book 2 and it is soon to be released.

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    The king’s new law says I must marry two men by my twenty-first birthday, but I am not sticking around for that. I am leaving Star Kingdom and my family behind, heading for the mountains to live a life in solitude for a change. No more dodging the brushes of men in the crowded streets of busy city life.

    That is what I want until Arrow shows up and follows me. He knows what I’ve been through and unlike others, he has always kept his distance. The more I am with Arrow, the safer I feel, but the nightmares from my past never go away. They continuously feed my fears of getting close to a man.


    I never intended to stay in Star Kingdom as long as I did. That is until one night my friend welcomes me into his home, and I meet Jenna. Instantly my soul takes to her, but Jenna will have nothing to do with me. When I find out why, I vow nothing like that will happen again.

    The new law pushes Jenna to leave. My home village is where she seeks to start over, and it is time for me to return as well. Along the way, I hope I can show her how to let go of her fears. That I will stand by her, protect her, and if she can let me in, love her.


    .99 Cent Deals and Free Books!


    College student Cal Warner spends a good portion of her time trying to keep people from thinking she's crazy. But her carefully constructed reality is turned upside down when she discovers that Relian, the seductive elvin prince who has been starring in her sensuous fantasies, isn't merely a myth. Now she's bound to an elf and stuck in a magical land where no one, least of all Relian, is willing to spill any answers about the truth of her arrival. Read More...



    Three hot brothers enjoy their work and each other's company, taking advantage of nearby parks for camping and fishing expeditions. But things go awry on a camping trip for Christian, the eldest brother, and that sets off a chain of events that leads each brother on an adventure of keeping the town safe from the dark shifters and finding their mates!  Read More...
    Other Great Books!


    A fall through time. A reckless witch. A war of monsters.
    17-year-old witch Desiree Campbell tries to cast a spell to go to Miami for spring break.
    But she ends up in Cuba a hundred years in the past.
    The year is 1898. The Spanish-American War rages. Demons thrive in the city, preying on humans. Desi is caught between the war of mortals and the war of monsters.
    She meets Oliver Gerrick, a handsome American soldier and warlock. He offers to help her fight off demons and find a way home.


    A bond shadowed by a terrible secret. A doomed woman, fighting her own nature. Five men, enemies in the battle for her heart, allies in their struggle to protect her.
    Once, I fell in love with three werewolves. I thought we could be happy together. But it was not meant to be. The secret of my existence shattered me and separated me from my werewolf soulmates.
    Now, I have no choice but to turn to Daimon and Roman, to protect me and to protect everyone from the threat I pose. But can they really do it?

    A war is brewing in Heaven that will soon spill over to Earth, and only the Quira can stop it. The half angels are the key to saving the world, but first they have to be found.
    Meet Violet. At just 22 she's at the top of her game in the advertising industry. One night at the club she sees him across the room. Aviel is an angel that will turn her life upside down. Violet’s fate is wound tight with the eleven other Quira’s. What will she do?

    This Paranormal book fair has about a 100 of the latest releases!


    Time to get lost in a new fantasy world. A lot of shifters in this one.


    What you may have miss in Reverse Harem in September.
    We like super heroes and Heroins too! Some are free for limited time.

  • 9/24/2020

    I am still celebrating my one-year anniversary!

    I am so pleased you are all enjoying The Elemental Chronicles. I think you are really going to enjoy this next series I am working on. The Chosen Kings is based on the future of Celine and her elements children, children. It consists of four sisters that are all a mage element and they are the last of magic in the world now.

    The Wind Mage is the first story I tell. Aria is a lonely young woman who lives in the mountains with her father. Her two wolves are her best friends but as she gets closer to inheriting her powers, the old mage appears, giving her the chance to break the spell on them that bounds them as wolves.
    The problem is, Aria loves them both but one she feels is her soulmate. In order to break the spell completely, she must give them both their true heart's desire.

    I am working on book 2 now and it is full of so much more adventure. By the end of it, Aria will choose one of them to be the first king of Mountainside. Until then, you can enjoy the first book at a discount this weekend for just .99 cents.
    Get The Wind Mage .99 cents
    Just one more day to enter this giveaway!
    Facebook Post


    These are some images I made of my friends books. Tamara Whitlow writes more contemporary novels that are heart felt and tear jerkers. If you like that genre, be sure to check Tamara out.

    Tamara Whitlow on Amazon


    .99 cent and Free Books!


    Halloween curses plague the daring heroes and spunky heroines in this spirited collection of tales. A Cursed All Hallows' Eve brings you 20+ stories stuffed with everything from dark gods to brooding shifters, delivering hours of decadent, pleasure-filled reading from bestselling and award winning urban fantasy and paranormal romance authors.
    If you can't get enough of those supernatural creatures—vampires, ghosts, witches, demons, and fae—this limited edition collection will alternately thrill you with the spicy and tempt you with the sweet. Delve into these worlds where the living haunt the dead and the undead tempt the breathing.
    Answer the call, because this Halloween, not all the costumes are disguises.

    A fall through time. A reckless witch. A war of monsters.
    17-year-old witch Desiree Campbell tries to cast a spell to go to Miami for spring break.
    But she ends up in Cuba a hundred years in the past.
    The year is 1898. The Spanish-American War rages. Demons thrive in the city, preying on humans. Desi is caught between the war of mortals and the war of monsters.
    She meets Oliver Gerrick, a handsome American soldier and warlock. He offers to help her fight off demons and find a way home.
    But the path to returning back to her own time won't be easy. Demons attack, hungry for blood. And Desi suddenly finds herself targeted by a powerful demon lord.
    He knows she's time-traveled. And he wants to keep her trapped in 1898 forever.



    The first moment I saw the temple was the moment I realised what I wanted in life

    Mya wants, desperately, to be a priestess at the Temple of Artemis, but she’s resigned to live out her life with her family in the neighbouring village, until a twist of fate leads her closer to the temple and closer to her wish. 

    …all it takes is once glance

    Amedes, the handsome high priest, takes one look at Mya and knows she’s destined to be a priestess of Artemis, but temple life has much more in store than she bargained for.

    She meets the Alfio, the gorgeous scribe, and Lasonas, the temple doctor… not to mention the hunky blacksmith that she can’t seem to get out of her mind… or her fantasies!

    Mya feels she is fated to be at the temple, but as a priestess, she has taken vows to serve the goddess Artemis… so how will she cope with being deeply attracted to all four guys

    Something is happening here, something not entirely of this world...

    The past has returned. So have the nightmares.
    Miles Lysander struggled for decades to put the past behind him and recapture the serenity he experienced before the Korean Conflict. With the help of Deana Abbington, he is almost there. However, a stranger has appeared in Black Hollow, bringing back memories of time Miles would prefer to forget.
    Seeing her grandfather on her doorstep excited Deana Abbington, and she couldn’t wait to show him around town. However, a run-in with her grandfather’s past, brings the visit to a quick boil, and Deana is put between one of the people in her Struggling Paranormals Anonymous group and the man she strove to be like her entire life.
    Can the present survive the collision with the past? One-Click Blood Shadows now as worlds collide and nightmares walk the streets during the day.

    A bar. A game of pool. A bet…
    When grizzly shifter Bear Reid arrives in Rosewood, Tennessee, he doesn't expect to find a luscious redhead waiting tables and fending off barflies with sugar-coated threats. She's a ray of sunshine in purgatory and he wants her. Bad.
    So he buys the bar.
    Kelly McKenna has a head for numbers, but she takes one look at her enigmatic new boss—all malt hair and whiskey eyes—and finally understands what it means to crave. Eventually, sweet flirtation leads to a not-so-sweet game of pool. And a bet.
    Winner takes all.
    But there's something Kelly doesn't know about Bear. A secret that could destroy her trust and her heart forever.

    The Alpha's Desire-
    Christina never had a real relationship, let alone a social life. Yet when her best friends invite her to have a fun night out, Christina never expected that her path would cross with the tempting Lex Roberts.Their connection is so fierce and undeniable that her future will never be the same again.
    Drawn To The Alpha-
    Sophia has always believed that her one true love was out there. When she meets the mysterious and very handsome Van Longshadow at an office party, she instantly feels like she’s finally found him. But what about the rumors that surround him? He lives alone in the forest, a recluse, but is he hiding something dangerous?
    Curves To Claim-
    Ashlyn Davis is a no nonsense businesswoman that is not interested in finding love, but fate had something different in mind when she meets the strikingly handsome billionaire, Logan Worthington. One night with him makes her quickly change her mind, but can she handle the secret that he’s been hiding?
    Curves For Her King-
    Katrina Walton is a high-powered lawyer that takes pride in winning her cases. Yet representing the wealthy Faust brothers will be a challenge when she sets her eyes on the handsome Alexander Faust. Wanting a chance at love is one thing, but facing a conflict of interest is another. Is Katrina willing to take a chance at love?

    Alice Bennett's situation couldn't be worse, but that's not going to stop her fighting. She has a plan to escape the cruel man leading her wagon train and survive alone in the mountain wilderness.
    She has skills, a few supplies, and a loyal horse. But life is about more than just staying alive, and when a mysterious and handsome local with a proud, passionate glint in his eyes and an affinity with the forest shows up she is as captivated as she is terrified.
    And then she meets his warrior friends!
    Tensions soar. Desires flare. Jealousy rears. Can Alice handle the fierce determination of the men promising to protect her? Will her spirit ever truly belong with the people who've welcomed her into their lives? And will the love of three Chochmi warriors be her true salvation?    *This book is a reverse harem (why choose) romance with Native American heroes.
    Other books you might like.
    A fox with armor around her heart…
    Blair Reynard knows from experience that workplace romances are just not a good idea. Ever. Not even with a certain hunky detective with hungry eyes and a smiley face mask. Up to her eyeballs in crime scene footage, she is determined to find evidence of a killer before he strikes again. But when her co-worker talks her into logging into the Shifting Hearts Dating Agency App, her plans go up in more than just a sizzling puff of smoke.
    A wolf running out of time…
    Detective Dominic Martinez is hot on the trail of a serial bomber in the midst of the Corona Virus pandemic. When the new surveillance specialist comes to the attention of his wolf, his world is upended. Winter Bay is about to reopen, but there’s more at stake than just his heart. When a domestic terrorist threatens the people he loves, he must act quickly or risk losing everything. No one gets in the way of an alpha wolf protecting what’s his and the fur is going to fly.




    A different kind of danger arises when a romance author meets a real life Alpha shifter.
    Tall, sexy, smug, confident, and covered in mouthwatering tattoos, Walt Lupinski is determined to bring his Clan out of their 'old way is the best way' mentality that leaves them currently in danger. He can't afford any distractions, let alone a fated mate, to get in the way. Especially when it's against the Good of the Clan law to be with her.
    When romance author Andy Cryder discovers her fiancé fulfilling one of his secret desires with their real estate agent, she takes off, not expecting to end up stranded on a desolate mountain...or to be rescued by a group of hot men that look more cut out to be on her book covers than in her real life.
    For the first time in her life, Andy feels like she belongs. That is, until their Alpha walks in. What unfolds between Andy and Walt could change everything for the better...or destroy two families for good.

    A deal we couldn’t refuse, a date with danger ...
    When Sloane was taken at gunpoint by four masked armed robbers, she didn’t know if Royce, Blaine, River and Kaden would be her end or her salvation. While running from the law, from Sloane’s abusive ex and from their own personal demons the five fugitives found something unconventionally beautiful. But an unspeakable betrayal puts everything in jeopardy, every semblance of trust now shattered. When everything seems lost, a deal they can’t refuse puts Sloane and her men on a wild chase in the glitzy Monte Carlo.
    Will Sloane lose everything, including her love and her freedom when she doesn’t know for sure who are the good and the bad guys?







    Forget a second chance at love—they’re gearing up for round three.

    After an ugly divorce, Jasmine moves back to her hometown penniless, alone and ready to swear off men for good. Unfortunately, her new landlord turns out to be someone she knows well, and the only man she’s ever really fallen for. Now she just has to remember her most important lesson—love is far too risky a gamble.

    Finn can’t believe it when the girl who got away—twice—shows back up in his life. He let his guard down with her before, and both times she left him high and dry without a word. No matter how much he tells himself not to sign up for that ride again, he can’t help but wonder if this time things could be different.

    Jasmine and Finn fight both one another and their feelings, but it’s impossible to ignore the attraction between them. Can they get overcome their past, or will the third time end in heartbreak as well?


    I don’t know who I am. I don’t know how I got here. All I do know is if I stop running, I will never be free.
    When I burst from the woods into a rush of headlights and asphalt and open night sky, I think I’ve made it. I’m free. I’m safe. Then blinding energy explodes in front of me and the last thing I see before it all goes dark is a handsome face hovering over mine. Yay me, right?
    I awake to find myself magicked to a hospital bed with some non-handsome guy telling me my magic is uncontrolled and dangerous. The way they see it, the choice is simple: enroll in their magic academy and learn to manage my power or spend the rest of my life in a cage.
    And that’s how I land at Protectors Academy, a cut-throat magic boarding school where the heirs of the rich and important rule while they compete for an elite position on the borderlands.
    So I’m not free, but I am not safe here, either. I’m being followed, a group of mean girls is on my case, and four of the hottest guys on campus don’t know what to do with me. And that’s before I’m attacked and the entire school blames me for burning down my own dorm room. All I want to do is pass their tests and get out of here. But first, I have to survive.



    Full Series! Now Complete!

    Save the world?

    Sure, I can do that.

    Do it with the five guys I hate?

    Wish me luck.

    I didn’t come to the Academy alone—the Legion of Immortals fell through that portal with me. These aren’t normal guys; they’re ancient warriors cursed into slavery by a vengeful god. Half-feral, incredibly dangerous, and ridiculously, drop-dead gorgeous. Oh right, and I’m the one supposed to keep them in line.

    The Immortals survived centuries of war after being brought back to life by the God of War, only to be sold into decades of slavery, and ultimately being bought and freed by the Guardians from the fighting pits in New York City. Needless to say, they're damaged, mostly beyond repair. 





    I won my team’s respect, but I haven’t won their trust. If we want out of this prison, we’re going to have fight like hell, and catch the most dangerous escaped supernatural to earn enough points for our freedom. But my men have dark secrets that could lock us away for good. Secrets we can’t keep forever. One day they’re going to come back and haunt us. And today's that day. I should never have given my heart to four criminals. Never.

    Hindsight's A Witch is book 2 in the Guild of Guardians series, a supernatural prison academy reverse harem with plenty of action, swoon-worthy men, and a feisty, sassy heroine determined to end up on top. For fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Cassandra Clare's Shadow Hunters. Scroll up and one click now!






    Kindle Unlimited books on special.
    Why Choose? In Reverse Harem you don't have to.
    More of those Kindle Unlimited Deals

  • 9/17/2020

    Sept. 30th I will be having a party on my Facebook group, Gina's Elemental Romance. I plan on giving away some prizes and I will be having a group of paranormal romance writers joining me. Please stop by if you have the time.

    On the family side, we are starting to get into homeschooling. If you don't know, I have four kids and three are in school. 12th, 9th, and K. They keep me busy and I know I am a writer but 12th-grade English is about to kill me.
    G I N A   M A N I S
    Join in on this post on Facebook author page, Gina Manis and get a chance to win a free ebook of your choice. And that is for any author.
    All you have to do is like my page and keep playing for the next few nights.

    Here is the test. Are you up for it? This is based off of The Elemental Chronicles, The Water Princess.

    "What do you think of reverse harem?

    Character POV

    So I am to tell you my thoughts on reverse harem romance. I'd like to say first off, I don't like it. There is only one person I love and want to share my life with, and that is Celine. One is all that is needed if it is the right person. I wish the Elementals felt that way but seeing as they don't, I have to get use to the idea of sharing my woman with my friends. That isn't easy for someone like me. It is not in my element to share the one I love. I"m not thrilled about it. It is going to take me some time but I'm going to try. For Celine. You do that for the ones you love. I know they will lay down their lives for her just as I will. Celine has a challenging goal ahead and I am honored to be standing among them. Reverse harem is not my thing but... i guess I'll give it a try.

    So who am I?
    1- Tate, Earth Element
    2- Lindon, Wind Element
    3- Brier, Water Element
    4- Fire Element

    Share your answer on... Facebook.

    I have this special giveaway going until the end of September. #1 gets 3 ebooks and a $10 gift card. There will be 10 addition winners who will get a free ebook of their choice. Enter Now...



    New Release, Preorder, and Books
    A witch, a vampire, and two ridiculously hot accomplices find each other behind bars... sounds like the start of a bad joke, right?
    But it's all true...
    After successfully breaking open a year-long case where my partner and I were undercover, it's finally our chance to level up.
    Something is not right at Shadowridge Academy, a reform school for supernatural felons. Inmates keep going missing, and nobody--not the prisoners, nor the guards... not even the warden--has been able to offer anything in the way of answers. Read More...
    Do bad girls have all the fun? Guess I'm about to find out...
    At Nobledark Academy, where light magic is used to keep dark magic contained, it’s good versus evil, right versus wrong. There is no in-between. Recent revelations, however, have shown me that not everything is so simple. Turns out, I’m not the daughter of the two witches who raised me. My real mother was a siren who gave her heart to a demon.
    A hot-as-hell fallen angel, a sexy vampire, and a wolf shifter who thinks I'm his mate.  I've been warned to stay away from them. Where's the fun in that?
    I thought magic only existed in movies. Turns out I was wrong. It does exist, and it's illegal to use it in the mortal world. Oops. So now I've been sent to Blood Moon Academy to figure out this whole magic thing. The problem is, I've got three strike against me before even setting foot in a classroom:
    Something Wicked this way comes. Don’t miss it!
    Dark delights. Wicked spells. Damned souls and spirits seeking revenge. On All Hallows’ Eve when the veil is thin, all manner of wicked souls come out to play.
    Denizens of night dance in a frenzy. Stolen hearts beat like the pounding of a thousand drums. The rhythm of love vies with the rhyme of magic and the melody of mischief.
    Do you want to join in?

    Eighteen-year-old Gunner Ford is a hopeless romantic. After his best friend’s older sister kissed him on a dare five years ago, he lost his heart to her completely. But when his friends take him to a strip club to celebrate his birthday, his dreams evaporate as he sees his perfect woman performing onstage.
    Shiloh Brookings believes that family comes first. So when her teacher’s salary won’t cover her brother’s medical bills, she takes a second gig as an exotic dancer to pay off his debt. But her worst fear is realized when she spots a senior from her high school sitting in the crowd.


    This is a collection of different romance books, all on Kindle Unlimited.
    This is a social media contest sponsored by romance authors.
    This is a social media contest sponsored by romance authors.


  • 9/10/2020

    2nd Edition Coming Soon!


    ARC for 2nd Edition!

    With an updated look comes a 2nd edition with four new chapters and changes throughout the story.

    I decided to do this 2nd edition because the series, The Elemental Chronicles is complete and I felt like bringing it around full circle. The new edition has an additional 20k words in it AND has been improved because I have grown as a writer and felt my first book needed improving. 

    So if you have read it, I'm not going to tell you, you have to read it again but I do hope you will give it a try. That is why I am offering an ARC to all of you today, so you can see what I have added. I would love to see some new reviews and maybe for those of you who have already left reviews, an updated one. So please sign up today because I think you are really going to like this.

    ARC Form



    New Release coming in Oct. 2020 Arrow's Wind  Read More »

    New Release coming in Jan. 2021 The Wind Mage Part 2  Read More »


    New Release you may enjoy!



    Amazon  Barnes and Noble     Apple  Kobo


    After a deal with loan sharks sours, Darlene’s brother is permanently transformed into a chipmunk. Not one to accept impossibility as a good excuse for failure, she’s determined to rescue her brother and secure revenge against those who’d poisoned him with grade-a transformatives.

    If she wants to perform a miracle, she’ll need to join forces with a divine, but the man upstairs and his angels refuse to help.

    None of the other so-called benevolent divines are willing to help her, either.

    Running out of time and options, Darlene prepares to storm the gates of hell for her brother.

    She never expected to fall in love with the Devil.

    Warning: this novel contains a woman with a chip on her shoulder, humor, and one hell of a hero. Proceed with caution.



    Amazon  Barnes and Noble  Apple  Kobo
    Lost in a timeline that was never theirs…

    Thrust into a world they barely comprehend, two time travelers are forced to survive with only each other as allies.
    Claire Finch, the kind, bubbly scientist, has sacrificed her hidden dreams for the cause: to prevent the apocalypse and save the world.
    Cyrus Montgomery, a tough, stoic soldier weary from the battle scars of war and barren dystopia.
    Together, they traverse the unfamiliar circumstances, both fighting and denying their mutual attraction.
    But destiny can be manipulated by unseen forces, and as they navigate the uncharted timeline, they discover a united strength they never possessed apart…and learn that true love ultimately prevails if the warnings of the past are heeded with caution and diligence.

    The Prevent the Past series is best read in order. After all, it's a time travel series that is already pretty complex! But there are steamy love stories, edge of your seat action scenes, and awesome twists if you dig in. Enjoy




    My name is Dawn Rose. I was the food-scavenger for my group of outcasts in the Fringe—what used to be LA County before the Abnorms and supernaturals turned it into a hellscape. But I never expected to witness a brutal murder-by-magic.
    Now I’ve been whisked off to Briarwitch Academy, the place where magic goes to grow. The faculty think I have an ancient untapped power. Yeah, right. Like I’m going to fit in with drunken gnomes and goth pixies. And then there are the smoldering shifter dudes. One of them basically stalks me. The other hates me. I want them both.
    I’m just trying to survive the bullies and my classes and the magical weirdos who don’t think I belong here. But when evil threatens the academy, I have to stop it from reaching back home. And that whole murder thing? I know who did it. And he knows I know. And life’s about to get way more complicated…

    This is a slow-burn reverse harem paranormal romance with more heat than a fresh ghost pepper and more mystery than that missing Tupperware lid in your kitchen.
    If you like badass female leads, snarky sidekicks, conflicted alpha males, and straight-up evil baddies, one-click now!




    Fail the tests and become a slave. Display defectiveness and be put to death.
    Monroe Academy was built to separate the weak from the strong. Pass the biyearly leveling and be released into society upon graduation. Fail to be promoted and be stripped of rank and forced into servitude.
    That was a rule that applied to all but Rayah Bardeau. A student of Monroe Academy, branded as a Null because of her absence of Lighter energy. With her mother standing as a slave in her place, Rayah was given until the age of twenty to make level six, but at nineteen-years-old and with only eight months until her twentieth birthday, she was only a mere level one. The same level she’s been since she was ten.
    With the stress of her upcoming test, the loss of a friend, and the constant wrongdoings towards her, Rayah could only dream of escaping from Lytonia, and escape she did. Only, when she awakened in her dorm, she couldn’t distinguish if she had only dreamt of meeting Soren, a wild and adventurous defect in the Wild Lands, or if she had somehow used her Lighter Form to get there.
    But only the elite ― the most powerful of Lighters ― could tap into their Lighter Forms. Right?
    And what was the dark energy she used when she and Soren were attacked by Depleters? Was Rayah really as powerless as she thought? Was she a defect? And if she used dark energy, could she call herself a Lighter at all?



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