Sept. 30th I will be having a party on my Facebook group, Gina's Elemental Romance. I plan on giving away some prizes and I will be having a group of paranormal romance writers joining me. Please stop by if you have the time.

    On the family side, we are starting to get into homeschooling. If you don't know, I have four kids and three are in school. 12th, 9th, and K. They keep me busy and I know I am a writer but 12th-grade English is about to kill me.
    G I N A   M A N I S
    Join in on this post on Facebook author page, Gina Manis and get a chance to win a free ebook of your choice. And that is for any author.
    All you have to do is like my page and keep playing for the next few nights.

    Here is the test. Are you up for it? This is based off of The Elemental Chronicles, The Water Princess.

    "What do you think of reverse harem?

    Character POV

    So I am to tell you my thoughts on reverse harem romance. I'd like to say first off, I don't like it. There is only one person I love and want to share my life with, and that is Celine. One is all that is needed if it is the right person. I wish the Elementals felt that way but seeing as they don't, I have to get use to the idea of sharing my woman with my friends. That isn't easy for someone like me. It is not in my element to share the one I love. I"m not thrilled about it. It is going to take me some time but I'm going to try. For Celine. You do that for the ones you love. I know they will lay down their lives for her just as I will. Celine has a challenging goal ahead and I am honored to be standing among them. Reverse harem is not my thing but... i guess I'll give it a try.

    So who am I?
    1- Tate, Earth Element
    2- Lindon, Wind Element
    3- Brier, Water Element
    4- Fire Element

    Share your answer on... Facebook.

    I have this special giveaway going until the end of September. #1 gets 3 ebooks and a $10 gift card. There will be 10 addition winners who will get a free ebook of their choice. Enter Now...



    New Release, Preorder, and Books
    A witch, a vampire, and two ridiculously hot accomplices find each other behind bars... sounds like the start of a bad joke, right?
    But it's all true...
    After successfully breaking open a year-long case where my partner and I were undercover, it's finally our chance to level up.
    Something is not right at Shadowridge Academy, a reform school for supernatural felons. Inmates keep going missing, and nobody--not the prisoners, nor the guards... not even the warden--has been able to offer anything in the way of answers. Read More...
    Do bad girls have all the fun? Guess I'm about to find out...
    At Nobledark Academy, where light magic is used to keep dark magic contained, it’s good versus evil, right versus wrong. There is no in-between. Recent revelations, however, have shown me that not everything is so simple. Turns out, I’m not the daughter of the two witches who raised me. My real mother was a siren who gave her heart to a demon.
    A hot-as-hell fallen angel, a sexy vampire, and a wolf shifter who thinks I'm his mate.  I've been warned to stay away from them. Where's the fun in that?
    I thought magic only existed in movies. Turns out I was wrong. It does exist, and it's illegal to use it in the mortal world. Oops. So now I've been sent to Blood Moon Academy to figure out this whole magic thing. The problem is, I've got three strike against me before even setting foot in a classroom:
    Something Wicked this way comes. Don’t miss it!
    Dark delights. Wicked spells. Damned souls and spirits seeking revenge. On All Hallows’ Eve when the veil is thin, all manner of wicked souls come out to play.
    Denizens of night dance in a frenzy. Stolen hearts beat like the pounding of a thousand drums. The rhythm of love vies with the rhyme of magic and the melody of mischief.
    Do you want to join in?

    Eighteen-year-old Gunner Ford is a hopeless romantic. After his best friend’s older sister kissed him on a dare five years ago, he lost his heart to her completely. But when his friends take him to a strip club to celebrate his birthday, his dreams evaporate as he sees his perfect woman performing onstage.
    Shiloh Brookings believes that family comes first. So when her teacher’s salary won’t cover her brother’s medical bills, she takes a second gig as an exotic dancer to pay off his debt. But her worst fear is realized when she spots a senior from her high school sitting in the crowd.


    This is a collection of different romance books, all on Kindle Unlimited.
    This is a social media contest sponsored by romance authors.
    This is a social media contest sponsored by romance authors.



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