I am writing and trying to finish up this book due to release in Jan. 2021. It hasn't been easy but I am hoping Nano will help me get it done.
    Check it out!
    Here is some contest going on this week, some special deals, and books from some of my friends. I know the layout is a little different this week but I am trying a few new things. Let me know what you think of it.
    Instagram Contest
    Fill and submit this form by 11:59 pm EST on November 7 to enter for a chance to win the Grand Prize!

    Facebook Contest
    Go to each group in the hop finding the names of different baby birds as you go. Enter in the form below:

    Author Spotlight
    Thursday 7:00 EDT
    Join me for a little fun in Allie's Eclectic Bookworms.
    One unique shifter. Deadly enemies on all sides. What will she sacrifice and what will be stolen?
    "You're going to get your heart broken.
    And not just by one man."
    With Dracula on our side, nothing can go wrong, right?
    The blood will not wash away. The first battle has been won, but amid the rubble, promises crumble to dust. Alliances falter. Even lovers scatter like ash on the wind.
    When an embittered artist crosses paths with a young widow, the heat is on…
    She never expected a sexy winged alien to divebomb into her quiet, orderly life. And he seems to think he’s her mate!
    Huge Paranormal Book Sale
    25 days more of Paranormal love. I know you love them so here they are.

    Paperback Contest
    Quell T. Fox has finished her series and is giving away 6 paperbacks. Join her group and find this contest.


    Gods and Goddesses
    Find a new fantasy to enjoy. This collection has some of the best releases this year.


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