Mid May and things are starting to heat up!

    I don't know about you but I can't get over this cool weather we have had. I Haven't even put up our pool yet and I have four kids who live in it in the summer.

    Things are starting to heat up for me as an author too. Already for this month I have met my goals and it is all because of supporters like you. That is why I am upping my game in my newsletter to you, bringing more of the reverse harem you love, with new releases, just like Genie and the Shadow Kings for you to enjoy.

    As an new author, I can only afford one nice giveaway a month but I have found a way to bring you more. Below you can now find giveaways from other indie authors just like me.

    The book fairs, I am also personalizing to genres you love from free ebooks, samples and Kindle Unlimited. All books you might not see because it is tough for indie authors to be seen. So see them here in some great book fairs.

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         Reverse Harem Standalone Novels      
    Claimed by Three Series
    I have already introduced you to Genie and the Shadow Kings as it is the novel I wrote and released recently. If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, do so soon. It is one of my finest pieces of yet and I believe you will fall in love with it as I have.
    In two days, Gifted Queen by Tabatha Stevenson and Samantha Montgomery comes out. I haven't read it but I can't wait too.
    Short Blurb
    I knew the situation between the miners and station management was bad. Really, really bad, actually, but even so, I was unprepared for anyone to be stupid enough to begin an uprising with freaking projectile weapons on a space station! That was when I went from worried to downright panicked. Luckily, I managed to reach a life pod before everything went BOOM. Unfortunately, my troubles didn’t end there as, of course, the universe decided it wasn’t done messing with me.
    Preorder on Amazon! Will be featured under Kindle Unlimted.
    Don't forget Genie, the first to release from the Claimed by Three Series!

    Nothing ever happens in a genie lamp.

    I get my kicks watching the parallel worlds that I am thrown in and out of as I serve my masters. All their wishes are the same. Wealth. Power. Fame. I give it to them and move on because my freedom is never their wish.

    Love By Three Series is a contemporary set of reverse harems.
    Book 1- Smokin Cowboys, by Poppy Flynn is out. Click Here!
    Book 2- Bad Neighbors, by Evie Rae is out. Click Now! Click Here!
    Book 3- Triple Puck Players, by Debbie Hope is out. Click Here!
    Book 4- Tangle Web, by Crimson Syn is out next week. Preorder!
    The Elemental Chronicles will get getting a standalone addition in just a few months. It will have Celine and her harem but they will not be the main character in this one. The tortured Brier will and along with some of the evil characters like Celine's Sister, the Ex-Queen, Elizabeth, aka, Clair. There will also be some of the mages from before but that is all I am saying for now. Get caught up with this four book collection in the mean time. Click Here.
             New and Featured Reverse Harem       
    By, Eva Delaney
    Silver Skates Series
    Book 5

    Meet Riley Storm, a raptor shifter biker chick. Why does she shift into a dinosaur? She doesn't know. But her new fated mates are going to help her discover her forgotten past.

    Kindle Unlimited

    Click Here
    By, Maya Nicole
    Arbor Falls Series
    Book 3

    We shouldn't have ignored the threat lurking in the shadows. Now we're being taken to who knows where and our territory is on fire.

    We're fighting for our lives and the lives of the ones we love. Will we lose everything before our lives together have even begun?

    Kindle Unlimted

    Click Here
    By Eva Brandt
    Wolves of Chaos Valley Series
    Book 1
    Captive Omega is a why choose standalone novel, part of the Wolves of Chaos Valley shared universe series. It contains enough steam to drive your inner wolf feral, with an added dash of MM. You won't find any twincest, but there will be graphic violence, gore, and profanity.
    Kindle Unlimited

    Click Here
    By, Angel Lawson
    Sparrowood Academy
    Book 1

    Sparrowood Academy isn’t made for girls like me.

    Not the poor. The damaged.

    Sparrowood Academy definitely wasn’t made for guys like them.

    Dangerous, lethal. Tough.

    Kindle Unlimited
    Click Here
    By Numerous Authors
    Contemporary Romance Anthology
    This and more awaits you in the Desire After Dark anthology, a collection that proves boys are better in books and desire really is better after dark.

    Over twenty of your favorite authors have come together to bring you your next book boyfriend in the hot bad boys you can’t resist, the swoon-worthy heroes that will sweep you off your feet, and all the sexy studs you’ll meet between the pages.

    Preorder Now!

    By, Pebbles Lacasse
    Naughty Goldie
    Book 3

    Goldilocks and the three Bear brothers—Bash, Mack, and Patch—are back in this latest sequel with three times the sin … and triple the drama!

    Kindle Unlimited
    Click Here

    By, M.J. Marstens and A.J. Macey

    Trial of the Salem Witch


    I learned that reality tv isn’t real.

    To undo the curse that was placed on my family centuries ago, I must compete in the human game show called Modern Day Witch Hunt.

    Click Here


    An emotional journey of healing with the one's who love you. Wrap yourself in your dreams of peace and calm and let the nightmares slip away. Leave them in the past once and for all, so they will not haunt you any longer.
    For the serious reader who is looking for emotional depth. Read Now.

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