Hello, Elemental Fans!

    It’s me, Gina Manis, your favorite author. Okay, maybe not now, but here is me hoping for one day. I’ve been on a writing binge for the last two months and have just about finished two books. One of them I want to keep as a surprise for a while longer, but Genie and the Shadow Kings will be out soon.

    The paperback for Genie and the Shadow Kings will be out in April, and the e-book will release on May 1st. There is plenty to do until then, and soon I will have sign-ups for ARC copies (advance reader copy).

    First, I want to add one person to my beta team. This is someone who is interested in putting input into the story. It is the early stages of a novel where you have a voice to shape and complete a story with an author. If you are interested in being a part of my genie in the bottle, respond to this email for more information. I will have something for you to read and would love your opinions and ideas.

    Please check what else I have going on right now below. I have this month’s giveaways you can enter and The Wind Mage is free only for today. Since this is the month of love, you might like The Stolen Princess. It is an enemies to lovers romance and is a part of the RH series, The Elemental Chronicles.

    With Love,

    Gina Manis


    Last Chance 

    Today is the last chance to grab The Wind Mage for FREE! 


    Enemies to Lovers 

    With it being the month of love,you may like this enemies to lovers romance, The Stolen Princess is part of the RH sereis, The Elemental Chronicles. 




    This Months Giveaways

    This months giveaway includes a $10 amazon gift card, 10 ebooks and one lucky winner will win a siged paperback of The Wind Mage. 


    Free Book
    Finding Friday by Quell T. Fox
    Cheating boyfriend. Check.
    Broken down car. Check.
    Crappy motel. Check.
    Hot guys that want me to go on a road trip with them. Quadruple check.
    New Release
    Spelled by Penelope Kein 
    Every girl grows up dreaming of finding their knight in shining armor—except me.
    I’m not some princess in need of a prince to sweep me off my feet. I have a firm grip on reality and know that those types of guys don’t exist for normal girls like me.
    Or so I thought.


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